Research, branding, execution, production, and communication

Concept Development

Nissan Ellure: Sophisticated Rebellion

LG: Smartphone Concepts

Internal: Future of the Number 2 Pencil


Pearson: Decision Making and Collaboration

Facebook: Chat Research Planning

Adidas: Target Shopping Experience

Logitech: New Product Innovation


iGO: Product and Branding Strategy

Infiniti Etherea: Eco-Luxury

Infiniti Q50: Luxury Sports Sedan

Brand Development

Young Guru: Logo and Publicity Products

Adapt: Product Identity

Six Intel: Naming to Marketing Collateral

UX Development

Blackboard: Student and Admin Experience

groupMD: Medical App

Hiya Tea: From Web to Doorstep

Product Design Development

Frends: Headphones and Earbuds

xDoria: the 2012 Collection

Becomb: Infiniti Piece Production


Nissan Design Context Laboratory: Concept Videos

Hiya Tea: Explanatory Video

Avery: Marketing Partnership Video

Three smartphone concepts for the LG "Design the Future" competition. Awarded an Honorable Mention with cash prize. "Mematta" is a data capturing smartphone that aggregates external information to recreate experiences. The "Heatflux" concept uses thermoception of the skin (heat) to communicate. "Loop" is a device with a quad touch screen interface for new gestures. Designed in collaboration with John Sundermeyer.

Potluck Activities:
Concept and features