Research, branding, execution, production, and communication

Concept Development

Nissan Ellure: Sophisticated Rebellion

LG: Smartphone Concepts

Internal: Future of the Number 2 Pencil


Pearson: Decision Making and Collaboration

Facebook: Chat Research Planning

Adidas: Target Shopping Experience

Logitech: New Product Innovation


iGO: Product and Branding Strategy

Infiniti Etherea: Eco-Luxury

Infiniti Q50: Luxury Sports Sedan

Brand Development

Young Guru: Logo and Publicity Products

Adapt: Product Identity

Six Intel: Naming to Marketing Collateral

UX Development

Blackboard: Student and Admin Experience

groupMD: Medical App

Hiya Tea: From Web to Doorstep

Product Design Development

Frends: Headphones and Earbuds

xDoria: the 2012 Collection

Becomb: Infiniti Piece Production


Nissan Design Context Laboratory: Concept Videos

Hiya Tea: Explanatory Video

Avery: Marketing Partnership Video

Young Guru is Jay-Z's DJ and sound engineer and works with other artists like Alicia Keys and Drake. We work on a variety of projects with him to build his brand and identity to communicate to the public. These are some example projects from an adaptable and dynamic logomark to meet both print and product needs, to shirts for Guru's event with Colette of Paris.

We're currently working on new products and other printed works for Guru.
Potluck Activities:
Logo Development
New Product design
Packaging design
Collaborative Projects