PERSPIRE: The Vision

Vision is only as good as the Execution

Our goal is to collaborate with leading innovation groups and entrepreneurs to translate their visions with executable design strategies.

Strategy is only as good as the Translation

Potluck is a new kind of strategy and design agency. We actualize clients’ objectives with bright and talented rebels who take the risks necessary to push the boundaries. Potluck’s resources in quantitative and qualitative research galvanizes our concept-development process. Our concepts motivate and energize internal teams while inspiring and provoking consumers toward our clients’ brands.

Story is only as good as the Characters

Founders Eric Lai and Ko Nakatsu combine their left and right brain approach, in-house corporate and consultancy experience. They utilize strategy and design thinking to create break-through design in the automotive, luxury, education, medical, and consumer electronics industry. Having also worked in some of the world’s top design firms including Continuum, Ziba, HLB, and RKS they set out on their own to connect with like-minded corporations and entrepreneurs. Additional experience from past projects for companies such as HP, Adidas, Dell, SC Johnson, Heineken, New Balance, GE and Skullcandy allowed them to hone their strategic thinking and the design execution prowess for their new clients.

Their specialization and expertise is translating abstractions like strategic directives, design thinking, ideas, and concepts into successful and meaningful design execution. Through various methods and unique approaches they bring a new perspective to product development. They also conduct design-strategy and future-concept workshops for major corporations and non-profit on a domestic and international stage to effectively communicate and teach these translations.