We've worked on projects for companies and organizations that are known around the world. We also work closely with many thriving entrepreneurs and small-business owners. Fortune 500 companies seek us out to help break new ground and forge a new path while entrepreneurs love our comprehensive capabilities.

Industry Specialization

We've done extensive work on the design development for industries like:
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Lifestyle
  • Medical
  • Education

  • but our design approach and perspectives are applicable in many industries.

    We've worked on projects in the past for many well-known as well as not-so-known clients. Everyone gets the same treatment and 110% of our passion and energy.

    We've worked on...

          LG - New mobile concepts for emerging trends
          Adidas - Strategy to increase segment market share
          Blackboard - Opportunities for new acquisitions
          Infiniti - Eco-luxury vehicle concept for millenials
          Heineken - Strategy on brand adoption of segment
          Frends - Entire ground-up product development
          The Smithsonian - Booklet design for new museum
          ... and many more